Has God giving you a word for this year? As my wife, Chelsey and I prayed, the Lord, gave us the word “activate” for 2023.

As I dwelt on this and spent time with the Lord, I realized that this word has many implications in my personal life. For one, I’m a children’s pastor at my job is to help kids become activated into ministry. We are also parents who are to activate our own children by teaching them about Jesus, prayer, and scripture.

We also have so many promises from the word of God that we just don’t activate in our life! We have a promise of touching anything together, in the name of Jesus, and yet many times we fail to pray together for a special need. We have the promise of peace if we just pray and give thanks, yet instead we get anxious about situations.

There are also gifts that the Lord has given us that we have allowed to go dormant in our lives. One of mine is writing. Life with two children under two years old has really taken a toll on our formerly structured schedule, but I believe the Lord is instructing us to activate what he has given to us by His Spirit.

I would love to know your word for the year, and if you don’t have one, I would encourage you to pray about it!

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