Hide and Seek

Life with two toddlers is always an adventure. My daughter Amelia, who is two years old, has been really into hide-and-seek. So it’s nothing to walk into my dining room and see little feet sticking out from underneath the curtains, or a ponytail peeking out from the pillows on the freshly made bed. But sometimes she’s a little more difficult to find and it takes some effort to seek her. 

What I realized quickly, is that seeking isn’t running all over the house, throwing open every door, and looking behind every curtain. In fact, the best method is to stop and listen. Listening sends me in the right direction and draws me closer every time.

In our process of seeking the Lord, this practice is just as important for drawing near to Him.

In Jeremiah chapter 29:13, the Lord gave a promise to the people, that if they would seek Him with all of their hearts, they would find Him.

What I’ve found to be true, is that, like it was with Amelia, seeking the Lord requires getting still and listening. 

This life is hectic and we have so many things going on, yet in the middle of it all, God is speaking. God is desiring time with you today. So I challenge you to stop, take some time and seek, and listen, through His word and His spirit today. 

He can be found in your busiest times, in your lowest times, in your highest times… actually, He can be found in all of your moments.