Can You Picture It?

As my fellow Texans know, this summer heat has been a beating. Trees are drying out and these days of 100+ temperatures are taking their toll. In the midst of this, Chelsey and I have been praying for God to send rain! We need rain to water the ground and to cool things off.
Well, this morning I go outside to watch God’s amazing response, which was a rain storm… but when I walked onto the balcony I was met with more than rain drops. I found my ceramic pot blown off the table and busted on the ground. There were pieces everywhere.
The crazy thing is, I know to bring that plant inside when it’s going to rain because I know it will blow off the table. What I realize is that I asked for this rain and I knew it would bring some wind, but I hadn’t really envisioned it happening or I would have prepared.
I’m challenged to get the vision inside of my heart for everything I’m praying about so that I can prepare for God’s response!
If you’re praying for your child to come home, get the room ready and stock up the pantry.
If you’re asking God to heal your body, make some plans in faith to get out and do something fun!
Whatever you’re praying about… picture it answered in your mind and in your heart knowing that God is listening and he is faithful to his word!
Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.
Mark 11:24