The Fix It Later Frustration

A few weeks ago my washing machine went out and when the repairman came to fix it, I was so excited because I’d been without it for a couple weeks. So he worked on it and put it back together and said, “all done!” I thought, “Wow, that’s it?” He didn’t test it or anything. He didn’t charge me either. So rejoicing over the money saved I thanked him and he went on his way. I didn’t use the washer that first day because I had to rush off to work since I’d already taken the morning off for the repair.

But the next day, oh the next day! I loaded it up with just a few things that I really needed washed and then it happened. All of the water from the machine flooded out the bottom, out of the washing closet and into my living room! Carpet might I add. Now I’m really picky about my home and I like things to be a certain way, and this was way out of my comfort zone and out of my control! Fear and frustration immediately flooded my mind as the water flooded my carpet. What if the ceiling below me is ruined? What if my carpet is ruined? What if there’s water damage and my home is never the same without spending money that I don’t have? I was frustrated. This wasn’t the way things were supposed to happen. My washer was supposed to be fixed and I was going to wash my clothes and everything was going to smell good and be clean and hung up in my color coordinated closet on matching hangers. I wasn’t prepared for this! I used a carpet machine to suck up the water and towels to dry the mess, but apparently carpet and the padding underneath don’t dry as quickly as we’d like. So, after days of frustration, blotting water, fans running, wet socks in the middle of the night on my trips to the bathroom, and the smell of mildew, the carpet finally dried. Now I know that some would have had a repair man out that first day to fix everything, but the thought of the frustration I had gone through kept me from calling anyone back right away to fix my machine. What if this happens again? What if water spills on my carpet that has finally dried while he’s working on it? I feared that even one drop would replay the whole thing over in my head.

But the thing is, I need my washing machine. Without it, things stay dirty and it starts to stink.

I remember when I was blessed with this washer and how wonderful it was to be able to do my laundry at home and to always have clean clothes.

How often do we let situations in our life, let downs, disasters, frustrations, and messes keep us from trying again. Maybe someone in church hurt you and you’ve decided not to go back. Maybe you planned an event that bombed or you stepped out into a field of ministry that wasn’t successful right off the bat! Is that reason enough to quit? What if Moses had quit after Pharaoh said no the first time and disaster struck? What if he waited to go back until he was comfortable….. he never would have! Is trouble or past frustration keeping you from fixing things in your life? Is there a relationship that was valuable to you sitting broken in a closet because of an argument that brings up bad feelings? Take time today to fix it. Talk to God about it today. Seek direction and ask him to help you move past the past! Then, with his help, rebuild that part of your life that you’ve been neglecting and you’ll remember and appreciate the value of what he’s given you and why he gave it to you in the first place.

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