The Burn Pile


Hebrews 12:29

for our God is a consuming fire.


Fall! I love this season. The leaves changing color… Thanksgiving… Enjoying the cool weather outside… Drinking pumpkin spice lattes with my friends as we enjoy each other’s company… Pulling out those sweaters and jackets and going to pumpkin patches with my family… It’s a special time of the year for sure. Of course the season got it’s name for a reason. FALL…The falling leaves. Not only do they change their color, but they are released to the ground so the tree can grow larger and the roots can grow deeper. Healthy trees drop their leaves. It’s what they do. But once they drop, it can become quite the mess.


Where I work (way out in the country) we have lots of trees and of course lots of leaves. If they aren’t raked up a couple times a week, the mess becomes a monstrosity. What we’ve learned to do is to throw them on the burn pile. We take it to the fire. The fire consumes the leaves and they no longer have the ability to smother the yard, harbor insects, or camouflage the walkways.


So it is with things that God graciously helps us to remove from our lives so that we can grow. He brings us to new seasons in our lives where change comes and there’s a difference in the atmosphere. We could try to hold on to the “leaves”, but that would be unhealthy. So he sends the wind of his Spirit to remove them. But that’s not the final step. When these things are brought to the surface of the ground, we can’t just leave them there. They become thicker and begin to cover up the pathway and the healthy grass. Left un-dealt with, they cover up other things that could damage areas of the yard. Areas like the family, the work place, your relationships, and your heart. They even have a tendency to blow over into the neighbor’s yard and cause frustration.


So what is the solution? Take them to the fire. The word says that God is an all -consuming fire. When the things that need to be removed are revealed and you’re left with the choice of what to do with them, don’t leave them lying around. Get rid of them. Take them to God and allow him to do what he alone can do. We can leave them there on the fire until it looses it’s ability to smother your life, harbor things that cause damage, or make the pathway difficult to see.


If you’re having trouble letting go, consider this…It would be crazy for a tree to hold it’s leaves that no longer have life in them for fear of being exposed. This action would cause it to forfeit the new growth that’s coming in the spring. It would be just as sad for us to do the same. God loves our willingness to let go and get rid of the dead things because there’s a new season ahead. There is new life and growth and being exposed before God always leads to Him covering us.


Ecclesiastes 3

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven

Hear it and Trust it…

We live lives full of emotion. There’s joy, pain, sadness, closeness, excitement, anxiousness, and a full range of other feelings we experience each day. They enhance our moods, tip the scales on our decisions, and often affect our sense of reality. Relationships are also affected by our feelings. One moment we can feel so close to someone, and the next feel as if we hardly know each other. This is something that used to greatly affect my relationship with the Lord. There were times when I greatly felt his tangible presence in my life. I saw him in the sunrise and the birds in the trees. I heard him speak so clearly and it made me feel so close to him. But other times I felt as if I were numb. Bland days of ricocheted prayers when my feelings of distance aroused doubt and confusion.


Have I done something wrong? Are you still there? Have I fallen out of grace? Do my prayers even bend your ear, God?


These are common responses to anyone who has lived off of feelings rather than faith. In fact, most believers go through these seasons that, to us, are such a struggle and yet are precious to God. These are moments when the Father swells with pride as he watches his child trust him despite circumstances, reasoning, or emotion. These are times when our faith is tested and we’re given the opportunity to come forth as gold. These are the real golden moments! But it can be hard. If a friend is standing in a room with your and says, “I’m right here with you”, It’s easy to believe because we see them and their presence is verifiable. It’s natural to literally and emotionally feel close to that person because we know they’re right there with us. If they walked around the corner and again remind us by saying, “I’m still right here with you.” We’d still believe them even though all we have to go by is their word. You hear them so you know they’re still there. Sometimes all we have to go by is God’s word. But let me assure you it’s enough. In those moments of doubt we can open his word, hear what he has to say, and build our faith. After all, the Bible tells us in Romans 10:17 that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. When he says, “I’ll never leave you or forsake you”, he’s saying he’s right there with you. So in those moments when you can’t feel the Lord, open his word and listen to him. Take him at his word to build faith that feelings can’t shake. Let the very thing that’s precious to the Lord (trust in him) become precious to you. He’s right there with you!

Come to


Luke 15:17  And when he came to himself…



Years ago when I was living in addiction, my sister had a dream that pictured perfectly the state I was in. She saw a dingy, dark, dirt covered corner of a yard with a doghouse. This corner was in the shadows. I was in this corner. Beside me there was a chain but I wasn’t attached to it, yet was living as if I was. Broken hearted she called for me in desperate desire for my freedom. When she called, I walked forward just enough for her to see my face, then walked back into the darkness. She continued pleading for me to come. She cried and begged but I wouldn’t budge. I was lifeless and emotionless. I heard her voice but was unresponsive. She couldn’t understand why I would stay there when all I had to do was walk away from it. All I had to do was walk into the light and into the arms of family who loves me. But in the dark, dingy corner I stayed, among the chains and the filth.


This was my condition. I was living like a dog. I didn’t work. I lived with someone who fed me and wanted my companionship and tried to keep me happy by giving me a “treat” in the form of drugs everyday. Funny how a dog can be wild and unruly, but when you give them a treat, they’ll walk right into the kennel. I was living in a high-rise kennel and didn’t even realize it. Though I was living in what I considered to be “nice conditions”, the actual state of my condition was painted perfectly in my sister’s dream. For the truth is, even places that are appealing to the eye and look bright and clean can be spiritually filthy. A million dollar house can be a prison. A dream job can be a muddy swamp. And a high-rise condo in Dallas, through spiritual eyes, may be a dark, dingy, dirt covered corner in the shadows.


I honestly was bound by my addiction, but I wasn’t bound to the place that fed it. There was no chain holding me there. Why wouldn’t I leave it? Why was I separating myself from my family? I didn’t know who I was. There was more to life than what I was living, but every time I got a piece of it, it wouldn’t take long before I ran back to the shadows. Then if I came back to family, it was with my tail between my legs with no joy and full of fear and shame.


This is not a picture of my life today. I’m not living as a dog and I know my identity. I’m a mighty man of God because that’s who He says I am. I do serve a master, but I’m not his pet, I’m his child. This is because God gave me the courage to come into the light. Just like he allowed the prodigal son to “come to” himself. Through prayers and interceding and warfare that I may never know the true extent of… God gave me a “come to” moment. An awakening. A true view of my condition. And “come to” moments that are God given are not only so that you “come to” yourself… but the purpose is so you’ll “come to” Him! This takes courage. This takes humility. This takes reality, which is something people in this condition are not familiar with.


I believe this is not only the story of my life, but also the lives of many others. Many are living in darkness and filth. They have heard the call to come out and to come home and yet, despite the available freedom, they remain in the shadows. It’s a lonely place. It’s a depressing place. Let me assure you there is more to life. Let me assure you that whether or not earthly family is crying out for your freedom, you can know that you’re heavenly Father is. Jesus is calling. His desire is for you to run from that darkness and into his marvelous light. Run into the arms of Him who loves you! Your current condition doesn’t have to be your permanent condition. My prayer for you is that God will give you that moment today where you “come to”. Come to your senses. Come to reality of your condition and His position. Come to yourself, and most of all, come to Christ.

Ready to Forgive


Has someone ever wronged you and you wanted to be mad at him or her? You knew that you’d eventually forgive them, but not just yet. You wanted them to feel your wrath and you wanted to be mad. You weren’t ready to let it go. When they tried to talk to you, you responded with, “I’m still mad at you”.

You just weren’t ready to forgive!


We as humans are around this quite often. In fact, it happens so much, that if we aren’t careful, we may mistake God as one who carries this same characteristic. We reject him and his leading and have blatantly gone against his instruction. Then, though we are truly sorry and wanting to make it right, we figure we better wait a little while before we talk to him about it because we’re under the false believe that he needs some time to get over it. We think that maybe a little space will cause him to cool off, and then we can approach him when he’s ready to forgive.


The Bible tells us in Psalm 86:5

For you, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon you.


God desires us to be quick to repent. Not to sulk in it or to allow it to become the elephant in the room. He wants to talk about it. He wants to move forward. He’s ready to forgive. God paid the price to have a relationship with you and to remove the sin so that you could be close to him. When sin comes in, he desires that we get rid of it through confession and repentance so that it can’t separate you from him again. If you are in need of forgiveness today, go boldly into the throne room of the Father. He’s ready to forgive!