Ready to Forgive


Has someone ever wronged you and you wanted to be mad at him or her? You knew that you’d eventually forgive them, but not just yet. You wanted them to feel your wrath and you wanted to be mad. You weren’t ready to let it go. When they tried to talk to you, you responded with, “I’m still mad at you”.

You just weren’t ready to forgive!


We as humans are around this quite often. In fact, it happens so much, that if we aren’t careful, we may mistake God as one who carries this same characteristic. We reject him and his leading and have blatantly gone against his instruction. Then, though we are truly sorry and wanting to make it right, we figure we better wait a little while before we talk to him about it because we’re under the false believe that he needs some time to get over it. We think that maybe a little space will cause him to cool off, and then we can approach him when he’s ready to forgive.


The Bible tells us in Psalm 86:5

For you, Lord, are good, and ready to forgive, and abundant in mercy to all those who call upon you.


God desires us to be quick to repent. Not to sulk in it or to allow it to become the elephant in the room. He wants to talk about it. He wants to move forward. He’s ready to forgive. God paid the price to have a relationship with you and to remove the sin so that you could be close to him. When sin comes in, he desires that we get rid of it through confession and repentance so that it can’t separate you from him again. If you are in need of forgiveness today, go boldly into the throne room of the Father. He’s ready to forgive!

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