First Hand Testimony

First Hand Testimony

By. Chris Taylor


There’s nothing like hearing a story first hand. Working with men who are finding freedom from addictions, I hear a lot of testimonies that really stir up my spirit. You can feel the fire burning inside as these men tell of the goodness of God and how his word is so true. They tell of promises in the word they’ve held onto and how those promises became reality to them. I can, and do, share several of their stories, but the impact is so much greater when it’s heard directly from the lips of the delivered! There’s a power flowing from the true faith that comes from experiencing and knowing that this really happened. There’s power in your testimony.


I imagine this power as I read the story of the two disciples met by the Lord on the resurrection day. (Luke ch. 24) They were blinded to who He was and they were downcast due to the recent events and the uncertainty they felt as to what was going on with His body. Jesus came and walked along with them as they discussed everything that had been happening and He questioned them to hear their take on the situation. As they begin to explain everything that had taken place, we quickly realize that not only are they blinded to who’s walking beside them, but current situations and confusion have blinded them from God’s word. They’d heard it several times, but now that things look hopeless, they’ve forgotten the promise. They were focused on the trouble, when the greatest triumph is standing beside them. Then Jesus, calling them foolish, reminded them of all the things the prophets had spoken. He reminded them of the suffering that had to take place before the glory. Then He began to open up the scriptures to them concerning everything that was written about Him all the way back to the time of Moses. They had no idea that they were hearing a first hand testimony! Later He reveals Himself to them and they see clearly that it was Him all along. When He disappeared from them they ask each other (vs. 32), “Were not our hearts burning within us while He talked with us on the road and opened the scriptures to us?” They’re hearts where burning because they were hearing this from the Master Himself. A first hand testimony.


Sometimes circumstances, fear, and confusion blind us, just like these two followers of Christ. We may even miss the fact that He is right here with us, in us. Our minds get focused on the trouble rather than the triumph. That’s when we have to remind ourselves of what God has said and what He’s promised. We look at what the word says concerning Him and how that relates to us. Then, as we read the word, it begins to burn inside of us because we have His Spirit living in us that brings the word to life in our hearts. The word IS the first hand testimony of every believer! He want’s to remove the blinders today so that you can see that victory has already been won. Remember today that the word isn’t just a book or a man, this is your life story. Share the victory today. Focus on the triumph today!

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