If You Believed…

If you believed…

“CRUCIFY HIM, CRUCIFY HIM!” yelled the angry crowd on the darkest day of time. I can’t help but to wonder how they would’ve acted differently had they believed and know that this was the Lord of Lords. That this was part of the Godhead who was there when the world was created. How would they have acted differently? Yet they wanted to see him die. Some who even waved palm branches and sung of his praises were so quick to turn when it was no longer what the crowd was doing. People who saw miracles and wonders and maybe even received them personally, now gazed upon a man who had been praised for what he did and not for whom he was. The man they loved for what he did and not for whom he was. What would have been different if they would have known? What would have been done differently if they had really believed in who he was?

I believe this is a question that can be asked to us today.
What would we do differently if we really believed in who he is?

How would you honor him differently today if you knew he is Elohim, the creator of heaven and earth, who was and is and is to come?
How would you bless him if you believed he is El-Shaddai, the God almighty of blessings?
How would you worship Adonai if he were really your Lord and Master?
How would you trust differently today if you believed that he is Jehovah-Jireh, who sees your needs and provides for them?
How about if you trusted him as Jehovah-Rapha, who is your healer?
How would you live today if you were sanctified by Jehovah-M’Kaddesh?
What kind of victory jig would you have danced today had you believed him to be Jehovah-Nissi, your deliverer?
How much better would you rest today if you really knew him as Jehovah-Shalom, the prince of peace?

Do you love him for who he is today? Does your life show it? Does your heart show it? Do your words show it?

What would you do differently today if you really believed?


I was watching a popular tv show this morning and it had a mothers day special with all kinds of gifts at different price levels that you could buy your mom. It started with small things like gardening tools and decorative things for the home. Then there were some perfumes and other items around 100 dollars. Then the guest on the show said, “If price is no object, this last one is for you!” Then she showed us a watch “or time piece” she called it, which cost more than my yearly salary. When I saw it I thought to myself…how in the world is that so expensive? I’ve seen watches that look just like that at Ross for 9 dollars. But then she started describing the watch in detail. This has a white alligator band. It’s face, which is made of pearl is surrounded by real princess cut diamonds with superior clarity. The gold that you see is 24 karat and it has a lifetime warranty.

Now when she described it I realized that what I had seen at Ross was an imitation. The band was probably plastic or synthetic leather, the gold was plated, and the diamonds weren’t diamonds at all. However, at first glance it looked really good. And it was cheap! The crazy thing is, I wouldn’t have known the difference because I know nothing about diamonds and I wouldn’t think to check the gold…. and to be honest, I wouldn’t know the real thing if I saw it. I’d probably think the real thing was fake because the imitations are so similar looking to the real thing, especially to those who don’t know a lot about jewelry.

I don’t think I’d ever see that watch on anyone’s wrist and believe it was real because you see those watches everywhere for so cheap.
But the truth is, though they look similar to the naked eye. There is no comparison in value and worth. There is a huge gap in the imitation and the real deal.
I think it’s amazing that although there are so many imitations, the price of the real deal doesn’t decrease; however, when the stores get flooded with imitations, the imitations soon become cheaper. If the price seems too high, people know they can find it somewhere else at a price they are more comfortable paying.

A. I don’t want imitations in my life. I don’t want an imitation relationship with my wife that cut corners and didn’t cost as much upfront but cost later.
B. If you watch those classic car auctions on tv then you’ll quickly discover that the cars that are all original that have been maintained are more expensive. They don’t have imitation parts or motors that weren’t intended for them. The true collector wants the car the way it was designed to be.
C. Casual: the watch on the tv wasn’t a watch that you’d wear with a ballgown or to a fancy event. It was a casual style watch. The real deal isn’t just for your dress up time. Not just for Sunday mornings and places where you’ll be seen by all your friends. If you’re the real deal, you’re all so pure during your casual times and in the casual places. You’re still the real deal when you sit at home to watch a movie in the privacy of your home. You’re still the real deal and pure when you go to a ball game. You still choose extracurricular activities that aren’t imitation. You can’t buy a watch of that quality at Ross among the mark downs and imitations because it’s still in season. It’s still fine quality and it’s found in high quality places.
D. Don’t expect to find a high quality, pure Christian in a bar at midnight drinking with their friends.
E. Every once in a while you come across a person selling something cheap because they don’t know the value of it. Or they think, I’ll never need this, I’ll just sell it to have a little something for right now. This culture has convinced us that some of our most valuable things are cheaps and that we’ll never need them. So why not sell them now for a little instant gratification. One of those things is sexual purity.

Appointed Answers

Luke 1 verse 20, Gabriel has just told Zechariah that God has heard his prayers and that he and his wife Elizabeth who are old in age are now going to have a child. Zechariah’s immediate response is not one of excitement but it’s one of doubt because his wife is past the age of having children.
Gabriel then tells him that’s he’s gonna be unable to speak until the day these things take place, because he didn’t believe the news from God which Gabriel had told him.
Then Gabriel says something I love! He says, “My words are of a kind which will be fulfilled in the appointed and proper time.
This means that what God says is gonna happen, is gonna happen, but not is it just gonna happen… it’s gonna happen in the PROPER time. In the appointed time!
To us the right time to have a child would be between 20 and 35. And some may even have a greater window but we would all agree that the best time would be while the woman is still able to conceive! Other than that it’s impossible and we tend to assume that God has said no when our request and petitions haven’t been granted within our window of possibility.
Most people would stop praying for a child once they‘ve past the age of conceiving one, and I’m sure this is what Zechariah did because if he’d still been praying for this to happen, he wouldn’t have been so surprised and full of doubt when he was told it was gonna happen.
We believe for things when we’re in the season of prayer for them. But we have to remember that when the season is over, our petitions before God don’t turn into a history book in heaven!
I went into a new doctors office this week and requested to see the doctor. It didn’t happen that day but the office said, ”let me make you an appointment.” That meant that though it didn’t happen right then, and though I wasn’t getting what I went for right when I asked for it, it was still on it’s way because it was given an appointed time.
There are things we ask God for that he immediately makes an appointment for.
That’s why the Bible shows us in this story that when God decides on something to happen that he gives the word for it to happen and gives it an appointed and proper time!
Even though God was granting Zechariah’s request, Zechariah was made unable to speak until it happened because of unbelief. I don’t know about you but I want to keep believing for the things that I’ve brought before the Lord in prayer! The loved ones that I’ve prayed for God to save and yet they seem to get further and further. The healing that I believe has been promised and yet it doesn’t seem as if it’s getting any better. I don’t want my mouth shut due to unbelief. Instead I want to be anticipating so that when it’s appointment day arrives I can tell every body I know what the Lord has done. It may seem like your time has passed but remember that our ways are not His ways because His ways are higher. He’s got the full calendar of all time and we only have a few years worth. Trust today that God has heard you and he’s marked on his calendar the appointment for what you’ve requested. Though that answer to your request seems late, that’s because God appointed it to be a miracle, and miracles bring more glory to God than a request that was possible while it was still inside of your box!