Changes in Management

Important! Please read regarding changes in Chris Taylor Company (CTC).

In light of recent events that have uncovered poor management in the CTC, Mr. Flesh has been removed from the position of CEO. I am aware that the corruption, which has been reported, has frightened the investors, stockholders, employee, and of course the people CTC serves. I understand you may have fear of loosing your investments and may no longer desire a part of the things CTC has to offer; however, I am fully confident that the new changes implemented are to the approval and advantage of all who have ties with CTC, especially the people the company serves.

I am pleased to announce that after seeking the perfect person to fill the position of president and CEO, I have chosen God the Father and he has graciously accepted the position. I believe that his proven track record along with his unlimited source of wisdom and resources make him the greatest asset CTC has ever had and I am honored to work under him. Under his leadership and direction, CTC will be a company used to meet countless needs in the community.

I am aware of the concerns regarding Mr. Flesh in his attempts to regain employment at CTC. He has applied to every department using various aliases but has been convicted of fraud. Mr. Holy Spirit, head of HR, has denied each of his applications and Mr. Flesh is and will remain unemployable by CTC. We have removed the provisions, which allow his access and have 24-hour security at each access point.

CTC is very pleased to announce the first project under the new CEO. I’m sure you’ve noticed that we are currently undergoing construction on the building. Trinity Designs has designed a breathtaking remodel featuring lots of storm proof windows and lots of light. The foundation itself has been fortified in order to support the new additional levels. The new interior is crisp and clean and the communication technology is the fastest available. Due to the construction, building access has been temporarily limited. CTC appreciates your patience and ensures you that the finished product will be worth the wait.

Chris Taylor
Head of Heart and Mind Security