Norman Normalton

Norman Normalton was a normal boy in a normal neighborhood with a normal house that had an abnormally large tree in the back yard. Norman had always dreamed of building a big amazing tree house for he and his friends to play in. But Norman felt that he was just too normal to complete such a big task.

One day Norman told his friend Encouragement about his dream of building a tree house and to his surprise, Encouragement said, “I believe you can do it!”
“Really?”, said Norman. “Really!”, said Encouragement. “I’ll even help you, and I bet our friends would help too.”

Encouragement had caused Norman to believe that this really was possible.

The next day at school, Norman saw the Attitude twins, who were nothing alike might I add. Their names were Good Attitude and Bad Attitude. Norman told them about the new project and asked if they’d like to help.

“That’s dumb.” Bad Attitude grumbled. “How fun!”, said Good Attitude “I’d love to help. I know we could build an amazing tree house!” So Norman told Good Attutude to head to his house after school.

Negativity overheard the conversation and quickly budded in. “There’s no way you guys can build a tree house in your tree. It’s too big.
“Well, there’s no harm in trying.”, replied Good Attitude

So throughout the day, Norman invited all his friends to come over after school to help with the tree house.
Everyone showed up and they got to work right away. Norman, Encouragement, Good Attitude, Patience, Perseverance, Kindness, Hard Work, and of course Faithfulness, who was always there, worked hard.

“This is really coming along nice”, said Kindness.

“It sure is, this is the greatest tree house ever” exclaimed Good Attitude

Norman was so happy to see his dream coming true.

Then out of the house came Norman’s mom, Mrs. Normalton. “It’s time to eat”, said Mrs. Normalton. “Looks like you’ll have to finish tomorrow.”
“Oh no”, Norman said sadly. “I really wanted to finish today”

“It’s ok”, said Patience. “There’s always tomorrow.”

“I wish we could finish, but I’ll come back tomorrow if you want.” said Faithfulness.

The neighbor boys Optimist and Pessimist from next-door walked over to see what was going on. “We’re building a tree house”, Norman said excitingly. “But now we have to quit to eat.”

“It’s half unfinished”, Said Pessimist

“Looks half finished to me”, Optimist quickly replied

Just then Thoughtfulness showed up with sandwiches for everyone! “Hey guys, I thought you might be getting hungry!”

“Yea!” shouted everyone. “We can keep working.”

“If we keep this up, we’ll be finished in no time!”, said Perseverance.

So Norman and his friends worked and worked and finished the tree house. Norman stood back and looked at it in amazement.

“I knew you could do it”, exclaimed Encouragement

Norman smiled and replied, “I bet I could do anything with the help of Encouragement, Good Attitude, Patience, Kindness, Perseverance, Faithfulness, Thoughtfulness and Hard Work!”
And Norman was right!

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